New Clients (password required): 

Pet Sitting Service Contract

Initial pet sitting contracts are a detailed 2-page contract for new clients (with an added notes page).

We generally do these only once for each client, because they contain all information relative to your pet and home needs.  Please call us to get the document password if it has not been emailed to you.

Client Forms​

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All About Kitties 

Preparing for your Cat Sitter

A handy checklist, take it out about a week before you trip and make sure all is in order.

Returning Clients:  

Pet Sitting Reservation Request

For clients who already have a contract with us, please fill this reservation request out for your next cat sit.

This form serves as a Contract Addendum, so list ONLY the contact information or pet/home routines that have changed since the last pet sit.

Email it to us and we'll get back to you on it.  To be valid, this must be signed by All About Kitties.