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Does your kitty have a companion animal or bird he lives with?

We're happy to take care of them as well, ​but unfortunately, our services do not include dog walking.  For caged pets, each cage counts as 1 pet.


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Schedule your Free In-Home Consultation

A complimentary consultation in your home will be scheduled where we can meet you and your cat, review the services we provide, observe your particular household routine and answer any questions you may have. This will be a chance for us to start bonding with your cat right away!   If you decide we're a good match for your cat sitting needs, we'll sign a service contract with all your contact and service information and you can provide us with two sets of keys.   A 50% cash down payment is required for all initial cat sitting contracts.  Keys can be returned at the end of the cat sit, or avoid key charges and have your keys securely maintained on file for future visits.  Then you can sit back and feel confident that your kitty will be well looked after, time after time, by a caring cat sitter whose main objective is to bond with your cat and see that he has fun while you're away.

Cat Sitting Visits in your home, where your cat prefers it

Standard Visit    (30 minutes - max. 3 pets)      $25

This is the basic cat sit which will be a minimum of 30 minutes.  If you have one or possibly two cats, this allows adequate time for the basic needs and some enrichment activities as well.  The more pets you have that we need to take care of, or the more home tasks that are requested, the less time we have for the fun interactive time, so please keep this in mind when scheduling your visits.

Enhanced Visit  (45 minutes - max. 6 pets)       $30
An extra 15 minutes can go a long way with additional enrichment activities for your kitty!!  Or it may be needed to take care of all your basic needs for multiple cats.

Premium Visit    (60 minutes)      $35

Clients with very social or active cats really like this full hour visit, but their cats love it even more!  It simply gives us extra time for more enrichment activities which translates into QUALITY TIME.  For example, if your kitty is like most, he loves feather wands and your cat sitter could work him 15-20 minutes to get rid of his energy and make him completely satisfied!  Afterwards, he may just enjoy being petted and brushed before we leave for the day.

For health and safety reasons, cats require 1 visit per day minimum.

Sorry, but we cannot share pet sitting duties with others.

​​All daily visits include the following, though some needs & multiple cats may affect the visit length required

  • Customized enrichment activities for your kitty... "Kitty gets what kitty wants," and believe me--your kitty will tell us what he wants which may be any of the following
    • play time!!!  YES!  We will know upfront your kitty's favorite toys
      engage him in play if he's in the mood
    • petting - if we don't know his favorite spots, don't worry, he'll tell us!
    • brushing - once again, your kitty will show us where he likes it!
    • snuggles & cuddles
    • or maybe your cat is laid back, "I don't need or want anything special ... just be with me!"
  • feeding what they like, and where they like it, including any supplements
  • water bowl cleaned daily & fresh, cool water   (TIP:  Reverse Osmosis water is recommended)
  • Do you take care of strays/ferals who come into your yard?  Kudos to you!  We love ferals and are happy to refill their food/water supply outside as well
  • litter box scooping/disposal
  • medications administered
  • minor pet accident cleanup
  • a picture of your cat sent to you by text or email
  • a written journal entry for all tasks completed per visit

And if desired (and time allows​)

  • lights/blinds rotated
  • newspaper/mail pick-up
  • take recycle/trash bins to/from the curb
  • ​indoor/outdoor plant watering
  • ​other tasks upon request & based on time available

​​Holidays  $10/day surcharge

The following holidays will incur an extra $10:

Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Key Pick-up/Drop-off  $10/trip

If not received at the initial consultation or maintained on file.  2 keys are requested, please (one for your cat sitter and one to keep in the office for emergencies).   If maintained on file, keys are specially coded and kept in a secure location.

Pet Transport  $35/hour

If your cat needs to be taken to the vet, a pet transport charge will be added to your bill.


Initial contracts (New Clients): 

50% payment at time of signing, and remaining balance on or before the first day of cat sitting. 

All About Kitties accepts cash or checks.

Cancellation of services for an initial contract results in a $35 fee.

Returning Clients: 

Please leave full payment on the counter for us to pick up on the first day of cat sitting.